September FreeSchool

Tuesday the 3rd Cosmic Love Guided Meditation at 6pm with Julie Philp

How does one tap into cosmic love and cosmic wisdom? Through meditation- the training of mind to bring it to heightened levels of consciousness. Cosmic love is to be distinguished from personal love, and cosmic wisdom from worldly wisdom. If I go hungry so that my child could eat, it is a manifestation of personal love. Personal love is instinctive; every mother knows this very well. If a mother gives away her child’s food, even though her child is hungry, to a stranger who needs the food more urgently, it is a manifestation of cosmic love. Cosmic love is usually not instinctive; it has to be acquired through  cultivation. The most fundamental way to meditation or Zen is sitting in a lotus position thinking and feeling nothing. It is a most simple and profound task. This will be an hour long guided meditation with the purpose of transcending consciousness.


Thursday the 5th at 6pm with Herschel Stratego

The Rear Gallery’s Free School presents herschel Stratego, a local entertainer, who will be conducting a friendly course in novelty songwriting and conceptual/cerebral “comedic” performance & speech. The aforementioned mediums are his dealings and a great part of Stratego’s experience, both, on and off the stage. It’s an all ages event and no musical instruments are required, but feel free to snag yours if desired.


Tuesday the 10th “Visits from the Boo Hag- A presentation on Sleep Paralysis” at 7pm with Dean Lee

Folk Lore, case studies, prevention and coping tools, out of body experiences and the bizarre world of SP


Monday the 16th Zine Making Part 2: Exploring Zine Making through Making a Zine! 4pm with Kelsey Hulvey

Lets talk about zines and cut/paste/draw/write/type together! Feel free to bring work/photos/etc that you’ve already made to include, or make new things with us. Collaging supplies also welcome and if you have them, b.y.o. scissors. Bring in a couple bucks donation and I will print our zine out and give everyone a few copies!


Monday the 16th From the tree to your cup, a coffee tasting 6pm with Christina Huffman

A coffee tasting and discussion on the history of coffee, as well as the ten steps it takes to get coffee from the tree to your cup. Enjoy hand poured coffee while learning about an array of brewing methods.


Monday the 26th Sacred Song and Chant 6pm with Mica Whitney

Join us in our monthly song circle!