May FreeSchool

The following is a list of classes with descriptions, times, and dates.  Unless noted otherwise, all classes are to be held at The Rear Gallery.  Please take a look and find something that interests you and we’ll see you at The Rear!

…paper calendars will also be available at Strange Matter, 929 W. Grace St…

Bathing Suit Making, round one! with Stitch Witch Laurie Lay, Monday the 6th, 6pm
Not gender specific! This first class will cover pattern making to create your own custom designed summer suit.  We’ll discuss measuring, cutting, and fabric choices.  Students can then hit up the fabric store for all the necessary materials and come back for round two where we’ll get to sewing.

Bathing Suit Making, round two! with Stitch Witch Laurie Lay, POSTPONED TIL FURTHER NOTICE!!
Bring your pattern (from round one or buy one!) bring your fabrics/elastics/threads etc. We’ll go through specifics of sewing stretch fabrics, lining, attaching hooks and more. A few sewing machines will be provided, but bring em if you got em.

Hand Poked Tattoos with Kristina Pham “Kpham”, Monday the 20th, 4pm
On this day I will supply the necessary tools and help out those who have questions about hand poked tattoos. I’ll describe after care as well as a few essential safety precautions.  This will be hands on so bring your skin, or the skins of some friends [you can leave all skin at home too if you just want to come hang out and watch] and an idea in mind of what you would like!  You may bring some pillows and snacks and records for comfort if you’d like.

Introductory Screenprinting with Dusty, Monday the 27th, 4pm
Learn how to go from zero to printing in just a few hours. This class will focus on how you can make awesome prints at home with a minimum of materials. We will cover how to make frames to print with, how to make stencils, how to create screens with or without exposing, creating monoprints with colored pencils, and basic materials to print on including how to print patches and shirts.

Poetry: Alive & Accessible & Awesome with Julie Glover, happening every Tuesday, the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.
A four class course on the often misunderstood writing form that is poetry. Each class is a stand alone writing workshop, but together in succession work as a fluid whole. We’ll begin each workshop with a very brief fifteen-minute lecture/discussion of American poets’ works who coincide with the hour-long workshop exercise in which you’ll be creating your own poetry.

Workshop 1, What is poetry?, will look at how we see, analyze, and interpret poems, followed by creating our own poems based on our discussion.

Workshop 2, So many structures!, will examine various poetic structures from the sonnet to the sestina, followed by a workshop in which we use some of these forms.

Workshop 3, emotional grammar, will look at how grammar affects a poem’s translation from page to ear followed by an exercise in which we explore audible possibilities through periods, hyphens, line breaks, and more!

Workshop 4, When inspiration runs dry…, we’ll look at poets’ writing habits then learn how to create our own writing prompts when it seems the creative wells have run dry.

Although sharing your work in the workshops is not necessary, we’ll be creating a safe & comfortable environment to encourage both discourse and helpful critique. These workshops are intended for ALL poets, including those who’ve yet to write a poem.