June FreeSchool

The following is a list of classes with descriptions, times, and dates.  Unless noted otherwise, all classes are to be held at The Rear Gallery.  Please take a look and find something that interests you and we’ll see you at The Rear!

…paper calendars will also be available at Strange Matter, 929 W. Grace St…

“Secrets to cheap adventures abroad: Stay longer & be open” with Laney Sullivan
 Monday, June 3rd, 

Traveling internationally can be one of the most rich and memorable experiences of 
one’s life, but for some it may seem like a far off fantasy. This workshop will provide tangible resources
 to help you calculate how much your dream trip could cost and give valuable insights on how to deepen your experience 
abroad and save money. Laney Sullivan has spent years wandering around the world like a little vagabond. You can do it 

“How to book a DIY tour and keep your comfort”
 with Jameson Price Tuesday June 4th,

Be your own booking agent! Support DIY music and ethic.
 In this workshop we will discuss: the benefits of touring the DIY/ DIT circuit, how far in advance to start
 booking, how to plan a short efficient route, how to organize your emails, how to book out of town shows, how to 
minimize costs on the road, all while staying comfortable and healthy.

“Community Sing Along” with Mica Whitney Monday June 10th, 7:30pm

I will lead several sacred songs/ chants. And people should feel free to bring percusion, shakers etc.

“Beginners Dungeons and Dragons” with Robin L. Tuesday June 11th, 7pm

Since the 70s, Dungeons and Dragons has been a great way to maintain a creative and consistent social group and community. 
It’s active storytelling with dice! Come learn the basics of how the game works, how to start your own group and play through a quick example game. 
Slap on your +1 boots of learning and join in!

”Constructing Terramids” with Adam Weatherford Monday June 18th, 6pm

Adam shows you how to create your own positive pyramid vining terrarium out of glass and wood.

“Sustainable Urban Food Gardening” with Andrew Alli Monday June 24th,

Building a food garden in an urban environment can often be a bit tricky. Join the class to 
engage in discussion focused on simple and sustainable urban gardening practices including: rain catchment, 
garden bed options, compost systems, organic pesticides and more!