April FreeSchool

The following is a list of classes with descriptions, times, and dates.  Unless noted otherwise, all classes are to be held at The Rear Gallery.  Please take a look and find something that interests you and we’ll see you at The Rear!

…paper calendars will also be available at Strange Matter, 929 W. Grace St…

“Daily Life of a Civil War Soldier”  Tuesday April 2nd at 7pm,  with Mark Gibson 

The Civil War was not easy, especially for an Infantryman.  A general discussion of the daily life of the average Civil War soldier, with displays including a mix of original relics and accurate reproductions of equipment and personal items from the 1860s.

“An Earful of Poison”  Thursday April 4th, with Jason Aldrich

Secrets behind the genetic manipulation of our food Supply. A history of Dow, Monsanto, war, how big agri-biz pervades all of our lives, owns our government and is killing the biodiversity of the planet. This workshop will focus on the causes of the GMO crisis and offer up a buffet of subversive tactics targeted at undermining corporate seed conglomerates.

“Basic Zine Making Workshop”  Monday April 15th, with Kelsey Hulvey 

Going over layout design, copy techniques, and why zines are awesome and are a super accessible form of distributing information and idea sharing.

“FERMENTATION I”  Tuesday April 16th, with Alison Self 

In this first session we will talk about what fermentation is, the difference between fermentation and rotting (yum!) and some other nerdy stuff, taste some fermented foods and then jump into making our own kombucha and if we have time, sauerkraut!

Please bring: a small mason jar with a lid if you would like to take a small batch of kraut home to ferment, same goes for kombucha.

All of the ferments in this session will be vegan-friendly

“FERMENTATION II”  April 23rd, with Alison Self

Learn how to make your own whey and buttermilk, and then learn how to utilize them in recipes and other fermenting projects!

Not vegan friendly.

“Simple Charcuterie: A Walk Through on Basics of Salt Curing”  Thursday April 18th 6pm, with Joseph Ateah 

Exemplifying loose sausage craft, gravlax, pickled meats, and salt curing.

A detailed step by step handout will be provided for the procedures that will need to be taken in the following days of the class as well as a detailed synopsis of the session.

A post class “smoke out” session will be held at a later date for participating students who don’t have means of smoking or just want to see their finalized product in a group setting.

“Gun Safety” Thursday April 25th 6 pm, with Sam Harrelson

I’m gonna go over the basics of how to properly handle a few of the most common guns.  I am hoping to be able to go over revolvers, pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

(This class has been POSTPONED) “Beer 101” Monday April 29th 7pm, with Summer Delph and Warren Rhodes

The history, process, and knowledge of craft beer can be a bit overwhelming.  So, we have created this workshop to introduce you to the beer world!  We will cover basic brewing, styles, tasting beer, beer pairings, and serving.

“SMOKE & MIRRORS: beauty simplified & demystified for ladies, gentlemen, and other persons” Tuesday April 30th 7pm, with Douglas Andrea

90 minutes of instruction & discussion concerning DIY grooming techniques, alternative regimens, toxic cosmetic ingredients, and how to get the most out of professional care.  Information will be pertinent to all textures & lifestyles.  Instructor Douglas Andrae is a professional hairdresser & educator based in richmond.



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